Entrepreneurship lessons from Biking and Running!

I competed and finished duathlon, Olympic Distance- 10Km run, followed by 40Km biking, followed by 5Km run. I have run may half marathons, a few marathons and biked maximum 120K in a day. However, had never done duathlon earlier.

It was an amazing first experience! Different from what biking or running. I think the exciting and wierd parts were transitions- from running to biking and from biking to running. At the start of the finish run (transitioning from biking to running) for about a kilometer I felt like a penguin- hopping more than running.

In this blog I have tried to capture the similarities and differences of these 2 endurance sports and how biking and running have made me me a better entrepreneur and a better person.

SCMM 17- Endurance Running- First Year

Last Sunday, January 15, I ran Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon- my first “major” public Marathon. Awesome effort by the Organizers, Volunteers, Mumbai Police- truly world class event. Special call out to all the Mumbaikars who were out on the streets in swarms cheering the runners- You guys Rock! I was targeting sub 4 finish; missed […]

10 Commandments to Hack Your Health

On Your Marks! I have been working on Internet & Mobile technologies for more than 17 years. That means I’m on my workstation 10-12 hours everyday. Human body is not designed to sit long hours, stare at screens of various sizes 72” to 4“ and keep hitting the keyboard. Recently, when I showed off my […]

User Personas- Get Early Adopters for your App

User Persona is a composite sketch of key segment of your target audience. Building User Personas can help streamline the growth process from acquisition thru virality and remarketing.

There are about 1.5 Million apps on on iOs App Store and Android Play Store. In the fast and competitive world of apps User Persona helps you reach out to your early adopters by customizing the acquisition , onboarding and engagement flows.

Most apps today are targeted for specific user groups and starting with User Personas helps app developers rise above the clutter and deliver compelling experiences.So how does one go about building user personas and what does a typical User Persona Look like? Here’s the beginners guide and checklist.

10 Life Hacks from The Rickshaw Challenge-2016

Last week I was part of a super awesome road trip with Mukesh Jha , Janardan Prasad, 19 other teams and the support staff & team of The Travel Scientists. What is Rickshaw Challenge – Malabar Rampage? You can read all about Rickshaw Challenge here, however very simply put an incredible ~1200KM ride on 3 wheels ( Rickshaw/ Tuk Tuk) on Indian Roads.

Loads of Fun, Lots of Challenges and Humbling Experiences. Here are the top 10 Life Hacks I learnt in this trip and credits to people, event, places for the learnings.

Template for the perfect 5 minute Pitch

I have been working with/ mentoring some very interesting startups at ET Power of Ideas, helping them with their pitch and also working on raising funds for my startup.

Pitching is a magic, more than anything else, you have 3-5 minutes to convince investors. Here’s the template for 3-5 minute pitch. You may want to use it, if that helps.

Please note- team slide(the last one) has details of exec team- founders, advisors, investors. I usually begin the pitch with my/ my cofounders introduction.

10 Commandments to decide your Mobile App is ready for Growth.

Here are 10 Commandments to decide your Mobile App is ready for Growth.

You have identified the Core Product Value (CPV)- The dominant benefit the customer expects from the app.
You have the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)- Smallest feature set that delivers core value.
You have Product/ Market Fit (PMF)- Product satisfies Market’s needs.
You have defined your Growth Goal e.g. 5 Million Installs and 50% actives in next 12 months.
You have Attribution Tracking (ability to ascribe installs to source/ campaign) setup and tested.
You have Google Analytics configured and tested- Features for apps like Speed, Tag Manager, A/B tests.
You have tested and identified channels for app installs- start with a few channels.
You have initial idea of Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)- Net value of entire future relationship with a customer.
Your app’s K factor is >0. If every Visitor that converts to member/ customer gets 1 or more person.= Product is Viral!
You have funds for the growth.

10 Commandments for Push Notification

Report from Kahuna suggest 60% users opt out of Push Notifications, and the opt out rate varies across industries. Here are 10 Commandments to reduce Push Notification opt-outs.

You shall remember Push Notifications is not SMS or Email or Tweet.

You acknowledge Notifications and NO-Application is one tap away.

You shall Personalize Notifications.

You shall write Compelling Copy.

On Sabbath Day phones are silent, motivation gotta be bigger.

Image is worth a thousand words; You shall include Images and Audio

Every dog has his day- every app their Hour

If it’s done it’s no fun, try some new.

In data we trust. Test, Measure, Tweak.. Repeat.

Managing App Churn with Segmentation and Notification

App Churn is the number or percentage of users that that stop using an app in a time period, in other words app users attrition. “Notification Spamming” is one of biggest reasons why people uninstall/ stop using apps. No one like their home screen full of deals that they do not care about.