Signing off year 2 of endurance running

January 21, 2018: Finished Tata Mumbai Marathon with an official time of 3:45: 01. Bettered my course record by 18 minutes and more importantly finished strong- drove back to Pune hours after the race. The icing on the cake.. I was at the finish line with GOPI (India elite winner). Well who know’s he started an hour twenty-eight late 😉

TMM18 also marks 2 years of running. Shaving 18 minutes off my personal course best was the outcome of 2300 km of training in year 2 which included:

4 Ultras (50 and 75 km)

5 Marathons

and 42 runs between 21km and 40km

i.e. a total of 51 Runs Half Marathon (21km) or more + 1 Olympic distance Duathlon.

Special callout for the organizers of the 3 Ultras (the 4th one was a solo ultra) for awesome events that they put together (in chronological order of participation):

Sanjay Mangla, Manjeet Singh – Mandy and TUFFMAN for Tuffman Shimla Ultra – Mashobra (I did 50 km)- this trail tests your tactical running skills.

Nikhil Shah , Arvind Bijwe and RunBuddies.Club for Matheran Endurathon (I did 50 km) – this trail is a bliss if you love rains

Naveen Badri, Jeetendran Nair and FreeRunners for Pune Ultra (I did 75 km)- This is truly an event by Runners for Runners.

I also had a few podium moments this year including one at Stone Ridge Valley Marathon

Sharing my haul from the 2nd year of running.

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